Lancaster Knox has considerable experience in assisting entrepreneurs with business startups and establishing their business interests in the UK. The UK has long been an attractive base for business startups due to its geographical location, economy and business friendly legal system. It has been for some time the leading destination for foreign direct investment in Europe. Despite the UK being considered an easy and business-friendly environment, preparation before setting up business and investing is essential to avoid potential pitfalls.

Lancaster Knox will provide advice on a business startup and support on the structure to hold the business. Our advisers will give due consideration to any international aspect or group holding structure requirements. Advice will duly consider Value Added Tax (VAT), business tax reliefs and allowances available to the client. This could include for example, pension contributions, allowable expenses, Research & Development tax credits etc. Lancaster Knox will consider the remuneration and incentive requirements relating to the key personnel engaged in the running of the business and offer advice and solutions. This can be a complex area when considering the various legislation that apply to UK employment and is where Lancaster Knox has had considerable past success.