Significant transactions invariably require a review of a client’s tax position, whether it is in respect of their professional working life or personal family life. More often than not the boundaries between working and personal roles can become blurred and complex, particularly where the client enjoys an international lifestyle and accrues significant wealth. Success often gives rise to additional roles and responsibilities, which in turn necessitates a greater need to focus on tax events in anticipation of them arising.

A tax event can have a significant impact on the client’s wealth and standing. Without carefully considered planning, tax events have the potential to erode that hard won prosperity. Considered in isolation, individual tax events may not represent a major cause for concern to the client, but should these events coincide, without professional advice and guidance, any negative outcome could be irreversible.

Lancaster Knox takes a holistic view of the client’s circumstances and adopts a long term approach to building and maintaining relationships with both the client and their other professional advisers. This way of working allows Lancaster Knox to consider not only current tax events but to factor historic planning in to the picture.  Our expertise and experience enables us to complete the picture and advise on potential risks that may arise from future legislative changes.

Lancaster Knox can offer advice and support with the following UK based tax events: