Our approach is to provide tailored, discreet advice, having particular regard for the specific nature and circumstances of the client. We take a collaborative approach with other advisers and will always spend the necessary time to understand the client’s background, situation and future aspirations.

Our team explores the immediate and wider issues facing the client before advising on a clear and precise solution, drawing on Lancaster Knox’s extensive experience and expertise to ensure that your affairs are structured in an efficient manner and within the spirit of the UK legislation.

The tailored solution will be explained in detail so that the client and any existing adviser have an opportunity to raise questions in order to have a thorough understanding of the proposed course of action. Where appropriate, or at the express instruction of the client or their adviser, the solution will be reviewed and consulted upon with independent Counsel and the Opinion shared with the client and their adviser.

The UK financial climate is constantly changing. Our advisory team will remain in contact with the client to advise of any changes the client may need to implement for ongoing compliance with UK legislation. It is this aspect of our approach that many of our clients find invaluable. Having their affairs being managed by a professional and proactive advisory partner offers clients considerable peace of mind that their interests are in safe hands.

Finally, we also have a focus on supporting clients and their advisers through potentially contentious situations with HMRC.  This includes risk reviews for individuals and corporates, alongside voluntary disclosures where appropriate.  We are particularly adept at dealing with Code of Practice 8 and Code of Practice 9 civil fraud investigations and wider HMRC enquiries.