Lancaster Knox has a highly experienced and qualified team drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds.

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  • Arthur-Lancaster-400x400px

    Arthur Lancaster

    Senior Partner

    Focuses on the provision of tax advice to UHNW clients and their UK businesses

    Experience of advising on MBOs, listings and other corporate transactions.

    Helped to establish the Knox fiduciary services business and the UK-based tax consultancy […]

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  • Tim-Eve

    Tim Eve


    Over 20 years’ experience in the industry

    Deputy Chairman of the Knox group of companies

    Over 10 years’ experience managing the financial, accounting & tax aspects for a portfolio of companies

    Expert in advising companies on devising and implementing strategies […]

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  • James Heathcote

    James Heathcote

    Associate Director

    Focuses on the provision of tax advice to HNWIs, families and family offices

    Extensive experience of working with overseas jurisdictions including the coordination of cross-border projects for a diverse international private client base

    Regularly contributes articles to leading private client publications, and has appeared on the eprivateclient ‘Top 35 Under 35’ list. […]

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  • Gary-cropped-brightened

    Gary Rowson

    Tax Director

    Renowned Tax Investigations specialist with over 20 years’ experience in both COP9 and COP8 work. Gary previously led TI practices at two Top 10 accountancy firms.

    Expert in defending and resolving EBT, EFRBS and Disguised Remuneration (DR) arrangements.

    Member of HMRC’s Compliance Reform Forum, its Fraud Forum and its Campaigns Group, which help shape HMRC’s policy in investigation work. […]

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  • Amit Puri

    Tax Director

    A fully technically qualified Inspector of Taxes (2008, HM Revenue & Customs).

    With almost 15 years of focused investigative experience, committed ‘fight tooth & nail’ for all his clients.

    Amit is well versed in dealing with HMRC’s most serious investigations, e.g. under Codes of Practice 8 and 9 (COP8, COP9, CDF); regularising historic issues in an efficient and commercial manner; risk assessing planned transactions; and resolving all tax, penalty and AML related disputes with HMRC.

    Clients include: entrepreneurs growing their businesses, larger established family businesses, and international groups, including all kinds of partnerships and trusts/settlements.

    Uniquely positioned to assist clients, having spent almost 11 years with HMRC as a Senior Inspector, investigating and interrogating in London, and as a Senior Policy & Strategy Adviser in Whitehall. As well as keeping contacts well informed with timely business insights, a proficient writer of tax articles, provide expert commentary on topical issues, regularly present to large groups and manage projects in Monaco, Dubai and Mumbai. […]

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  • Mala Kapacee

    Tax Manager

    A Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser, Mala has accumulated experience in a range of tax specialities including corporate, personal and expatriate tax.

    Her background in Tax Investigations and Dispute Resolution has mainly been acting on behalf of entrepreneurs and their businesses in a range of HMRC interventions, from local compliance enquiries to complex technical arguments and serious investigations into suspected tax fraud. […]

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  • John-Horler-Lightened

    John Horler

    Tax Consultant

    Over 25 years of experience undertaking tax investigations and enquiries of all types

    Ex-Inspector of Taxes with more than 10 years’ experience, working in local districts, the Large Business Service (LBS) and Specialist Investigations (SI)

    Worked extensively on all types of enquiries, from serious fraud to local compliance cases within local offices or Large & Complex or High Net Worth Units (HNWU) […]

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