Budget 2020: Private Client Announcement Briefing

Posted On: 12 Mar 2020

On 11 March, the Chancellor delivered a Budget billed as one of change and future prosperity. With a clear focus on the Government’s policy to “level up” the UK, as well as dealing with the current economic threats posed by the coronavirus, there were relatively few announcements relating to personal tax.

 However, there are a number of key areas that individuals and businesses should bear in mind, as summarised in our Budget 2020: Private Client Announcements briefingAs always, the devil is very much in the detail, and with the release of the Finance Bill due to be published on 19 March, (8 days after the 2020 budget) it is always worth keeping on top of the latest developments.

 For more information, or if you’d like to discuss any of the matters raised (or, indeed, not raised) in the Budget, please get in touch with your usual Lancaster Knox contact or James Heathcote.

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