The breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership is a stressful and emotional period. Tax is often not considered during the breakdown of a relationship until later in the process and often at the final stages when the finances are being discussed. However, it can have a significant impact on the end result in the financial settlement.

The tax implications of separation can introduce a myriad of additional problems which need to be carefully considered, especially for those with significant wealth. Whilst it will undoubtedly be a difficult time, a client’s tax circumstances will need to be carefully considered from the outset and if possible even prior to separation.


At Lancaster Knox we are able to assist with providing tax advice and analysis, assisting in the completion of various forms in relation to the process including Form E, carrying out forensic analysis and asset valuations. In addition, we can ensure you have the correct advisers in place who understand you and your requirements to ensure the whole process is made easier for you and enabling you to focus on other matters.