The building of wealth often involves the establishment and running of private businesses or investing in business start-ups. Investing through a tax-efficient structure can provide investment portfolios a significant advantage.

By maintaining independence from our clients’ investment managers, Lancaster Knox provides advice on tailored investment structures to maximise efficiency. Although tax is often a key driver, other aspects of holding investments should not be forgotten – passing wealth to the next generation; making provision for retirement; and remaining compliant, to name but a few.

At Lancaster Knox, we provide advice on the tax and practical considerations of a client’s investment portfolio, including:

Use of ISAs, Self-Invested Personal Pensions (“SIPPs”), Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes (“QNUPS”) and other tax-efficient wrappers;

Investing under, or raising capital through, the Enterprise and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (“EIS” and “SEIS”);

Family Investment Companies for tax-efficiency, wealth preservation and succession planning;

Carried interest and co-investment for Private Equity executives and fund managers.

For clients with substantial or particularly complex affairs may benefit from establishing their own Family Office, or working with specialist outsourced Family Office advisors. Lancaster Knox works with Knox Private Office to provide a tailored structure in such cases, and we would be delighted to discuss your specific needs in more detail.


Working with the client’s appointed investment managers, Lancaster Knox can assist private clients and their advisors with tailored investment structure to maximise efficiency.